Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ Play Date Medallion Flower Bag ~

Well...the girls wanted a little challenge this month in class and I thought...ok...we can make a flower medallion...anyone whom has ever attempted to make these for the first time knows...much like I do...that if you are a little determined...eventually it will work...well our group seems to have been pretty determined and everyone was successful at having one of these to adorn their little gift bags! I am so proud of all of them!

We used hot glue to hold the medallion to the bag and adhere the button to it!

The ribbon is the 1 1/4" wide grosgrain which can be cut in half lengthwise and trim the outer border and it shirs so nicely! 

Fun Project! All is needs is some sweets and treats!

~ Linda


  1. Cute little treat bag, that medallion is the perfect touch!

  2. Those medallions are tricky, aren't they, but the hot glue gun would probably help, thanks for the tip!! This is one adorable bag, Linda!! Hope you are doing well!


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