Thursday, July 6, 2017

~ Happy Birthday Gorgeous! ~

Today's pretty comes to you, which was totally inspired by Gail Davidson...thank you Gail! I case'd (copy and shared) this little piece of art work because lately I am in the mood to play with watercoloring!

What do you think? I am having a class this Saturday, July 8th at my home and am deciding if I will include this in the card making lineup. It was not too difficult at all really. 

OMG!!! Now I have to make another one! Hmmm...I usually make at least two cards when I am stamping and one I tend to send out to someone :) Who might that be?

Well...this morning is already starting off bright and beautiful! Have a few errands to run today...better get is going to be a HOT one here in sunny Phoenix...I think they said 116 degrees? Oh, well...I don't count the degrees anymore...anything over 105 is pretty HOT!

Hope you have a great day...wherever you are...whatever you're doing and take some time to play!

Happy Stampin'!

~ Linda

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