Monday, September 27, 2010

~ Cherry on Top Blog Award ~

Hi Friends!

Having been away on a wonderful vacation for a little over a week, I felt the need to 'check-in" with my stamping buddies.

I enjoy following various blogs via Google Reader and one that I especially enjoy is hosted by Teresa Kline. Being that she shared her blog award,  I would like to thank her for it.

Now I am supposed to share with you three things that I love....I love God and  my dear husband Ken and our family and friends and I would also like to share a few other things that I LOVE...
Fresh coffee in the morning...
Sunshine and fields of green...
Nice jewelry, especially earrings...
Children's laughter, especiall my twin grandaughters...Keira and Kaely

Also, I am supposed to show you a favorite picture...this is a recent one of Ken and myself taken on our June vacation to the Telluride, Colorado Wine Festival ~

If you have not received this award, take it and share it with others who have not received it.

Hope that you are happy stampin at some point in your day today!


~ Linda

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely picture! And we know how much you love those little grandbabies, who wouldn't, they are precious!!


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