Thursday, May 12, 2011

~ Faux Mother of Pearl Pretties ~

At my class this month, I taught my attendees how to do the Faux Mother Of Pearl Technique. It's not new, but it is beautiful every time!!

How is it done?
For this card, I die cut the flower layers in Whisper White card stock using the Fun Flowers Die.

Faux Mother Of Pearl Technique:

1.Wad up a piece of plastic wrap (the kind that you seal food up with) and dip it into Frost White Shimmer Paint. You don't need much at all, two drops are enough.

2.Pounce a thin layer of Shimmer Paint over your card stock (can be Whisper White or Glossy White). Be sure to leave some white space. Allow to dry.

3.Sponge or brayer your chosen color of Classic Ink over the top. The area with the Shimmer Paint will resist the ink.

4.Once covered with desired depth of color, take a paper towel and buff off surface to reveal the beauty of your Mother Of Pearl (Shimmer Paint).

Very easy and produces great results!

Hope that you like these! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Happy Stamping!

~ Linda

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